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Start with a PLAN, then PROCEED with Success

Laundromats:  A laundromat can be one of the best investments you will ever make. The industry itself is recession proof. No matter what the economy is doing, everyone needs to use a washer and dryer on a weekly basis. Laundromats are not only there for those who face break downs with their own residential units but also those who do not own a laundry pair. Often we see customers come into a laundromat for large items such as comforters and drapes that their home pair cannot wash properly. As well, many store owners see large commercial use, from business such as restaurants, small motels and inns, fitness centres and other operations where a large number of linens and or towels are being used. The need for this service in our communities grows each year.

Long-term investment value: Many stores with proven track records are sold with relative ease and at top dollar. In many cases stores pay for themselves in only a few years, leaving you with a "nest egg" which may be a far better investment than the conventional savings account, money market, or mutual fund.

First step is LOCATION: Find the right area with the need. Often we concentrate our search on locations that have a high population density, this is an obvious choice. Do not overlook the commercial side of the industry. Attended stores in locations with Hotels, Motels, Resorts and inns can do well with a wash and fold offering. Another strength your store will have is by offering the large capacity washers. This can produce consistent comforter and high volume/multi load usage that helps keep revenue high and often with very little expense to the store owner.

ONWARD COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY: Whether you are building a new store, upgrading existing equipment or planning the perfect laundry room for your buisness, get the process started in the right direction and contact us.